sup im amanda im a 17 year old radical feminist i like pokemon and pop punk lol


men only support feminism when they are told it ‘benefits them too’. and even then, the moment you talk about men harming women, one of their privileged, misogynistic petulant child tantrums comes out to play

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there are so many men who position themselves as ‘male feminists’ and ‘male allies’ yet won’t even do the most basic as fuck things like stop supporting & being friends with rapists

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Doing whatever you want as a woman =/= a feminist action this is not difficult.

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“Nice tits!” one yelled from his scooter, the one with the handlebars almost as tall as his head.

My teeth clenched.

“Nice ass!” his playmate called out.

…I’d never been cat-called by a five year old before; I wasn’t sure how to respond. These were kids I knew, kids I saw daily and talked to sometimes about their games or toys, their classes and sports teams. These kids had sweetly asked me “what are you doing?” every time I was out gardening last summer.

“Hey! Tits! Ass!” Even in their young voices, I could hear a sense of power in these words.

…I thought about the glee I’d heard in their voices. They’d learned something new about how the world works, and they were testing it out. In the voices of these children I sensed a pride in having newly discovered that men were superior to women, and that this was a way in which that superiority is exerted…

When those two little boys yelled body parts toward me that spring day, I was furious, but I wasn’t angry at them. I was angry at a world that teaches them to treat us this way, that teaches them from such a young age. So this is when it starts, I remember thinking to myself. This is the age they learn it. Five years old. Now we know.

Kate Jo, Other people’s children: on being cat-called by a five year old   (via evilfeminist)

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BDSM isn’t any less harmful or violent if all the people involved are the same sex.

The problem of BDSM is that it is sexualized rape and violence regardless of who does it.

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if you dont eat the pizza crust you are weak and natural selection is coming for you

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It’s that time of year again.
Just say no to racist costumes people.
Blackface is racist.
Dia de Los Muertos “costumes” are racist
Costuming off of someone else’s culture is racist.
Do your part in making this Halloween season enjoyable for everyone!

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"Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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